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We’re gonna start it with a positive jam, hold steady.

Dearest friends, Zealousness, though not always discouraged, may get you nowhere a great deal faster than approaching a problem with sensibility. That said, open hours at Pangea are temporarily on hiatus until January 1st, 2009. Most of us are in

A Note on Parking

Friends, The lovely Flatiron building on the corner of Broadway and Central Avenue is unfortunately being torn down this week. Beyond the sadness of a historic building passing, it may also disrupt parking during our open house and first event.

Big Big Love

On behalf of everyone at the ol’ Pangea House, I’d like to say “thanks!” to everyone that came out to the Red Carpet last night! What a good send-off!! It’s pretty insane how far the arts have come in our

Welcome to Pangea House

Friends, Welcome to the Pangea House website. Though there are still some rough edges, we hope that you enjoy it. Sign up, comment, look around, and feel free to contact us with any concerns. We also have a Myspace for