Show for Shawn this Sunday at the Grand International

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One comment on “Show for Shawn this Sunday at the Grand International
  1. justdancin says:

    I wish that I could have been there for this show. Shawn was a very special person (or as he would have said, ‘human being’). I still can’t look at his picture, or even think about it, without crying. Such a waste… he is sorely missed by so many. I will never forget the entire bottle of Elmer’s Glue he put in Billy’s hair to spike it (which wouldn’t wash out) back in high school. Billy looked like Medusa, I have a picture of it somewhere. We loved you anyways Shawn!

    I hope that all of you are hanging in there and having a good year (for students), as well as, for those who aren’t, in spite of the trajedies that have transpired this year. Good luck to you all!

    Love, Billy’s mom

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