Hello folks!

Just cheering you on and letting you know that the zine release will be held on Sunday at 6:00pm… It’s a pot luck so bring something yummy to eat! Additionally, we will be having an “all nighter” on Saturday at Pangea House at 9:00pm for all of you who need to put the pedal to the metal to make the release date. You should make approximately 35 zines for the zine swap! The night has even more to offer than awesome zine reading, with the free food, drink, and musical acts! Don’t get discouraged I haven’t really talked to anyone who is done yet and that’s just about the way these things go… I’m always talking to people who are finishing them day of!

Well anyway,

Happy Zine Writing and See you at the Potluck (oh and if ya can’t make it, make sure your zines get there and we’ll make a zine pile for you to pick up later…)

Call us if you need anything,

Jazmine 720-0308 or Billy 240-8152

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