Pangea House has existed as a local institution since November 2008 with the goal of nurturing the Minot community through live music, arts and education. As of 2016 we are renting a studio inside 62 Doors at 11b South Main St. in Minot, ND.

Pangea House plans to continue actively supporting creative individuals both locally and internationally by providing a venue for a diversity of crafts to be shared publicly. We will host a variety of cultural events with a  focus on live music. Other events planned include: improvisation workshops, film-making courses, writers groups, book clubs, performance art and live theater. These and other events benefit our community by creating a space for local artists to share their passion while simultaneously connecting local youth with a safe, accessible and substance-free space.

This work promotes autonomy, independence, and empowerment by encouraging all that participate to actively blur the line between audience and performer in their daily lives.