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My 11 Best Travel Apps

I have been working for nearly 7 years in IT. I love technology, I’m passionate about this field but how can technology help us travelers? Here is a list of my 11 absolute best travel apps.


In my opinion this is the best app in the entire app stores. It has a great design, tons of options and is simple to use. When looking for a place to stay,Airbnbis the app that will come up with the best recommendation. It is also available on other platforms ( Android , I’m testing it out on IOS) so you can use it on practically any type of phone.

It is intended for travelers, has aMilitary themed logos and icon, and is very sleek and fast. You can find it for free on the App Store , but I think you pay $9.99 to support the dev team behind it.

It also has alarms for different times of the day, and canicates a specific activities. For example, if you are traveling around Paris, the alarm will sound if you enter or exit the monument for the first time (it will not vibrate or alert you). This allows you to set different sounds for different times of day, without needing to set the phone up every time you leave the house.

It also offers tips and a leaderboard, with a clock for total 24 hours, a daily radius and a radius that is around 10km. I only paid $4.99 to gain access to the leaderboard.

It can also be used as a weather app, with real time Hurricane weather ticker, temperature, and wind speed.

It can recognize when you are in Fahrenheit and Celsius. When in Celsius, the app will show you the temperature in degrees centigrade and percentiles.

It can tell you the name of the city, the airport, and next steps you need to take, if you run into trouble. If you get to an international airport, it will also show you the name of the hotel in case you need assistance finding a place to stay.

It has great graphics and is very easy to use. There is a help file included with the application, tips every page.

It can recognize languages like English, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, and many more. It will also read the signboards of Museums, Hotels, Casinos, and even the Egypt road map, which no one else can beat.

It is for travelers like me who have places they have always wanted to visit. This app makes it much easier to plan a trip and a destination.

It is available for free, but there is a 99$ option to gain ad-free viewing


What about an app to put all my travel notes and tasks into one place? Evernote is doing just that, and it’s free for download on any smart phone or tablet. You can not only store your notes in the app, but you can also share them with other smart phones via email or SMS.

The app itself is easy to use, and its design is very easy to navigate. When you find a task you need to complete, simply tap ” Cotelson ” and it will ask you what you want to do about it. If you don’t want to do anything, just wait until it’s done.

You can share your finds with other Evernote users, and you can collaborate with them on tasks, or you can sit with a group and do turn-ins. The possibilities are endless.


ictabank is the world’s first digital savings bank, and it wants to make life a little lighter for travelers. If you deposit cash into your ITC account, you’ll earn a interest-free return on your money. Now you may not have to take out your life savings account every time you’re tempted to splurge. I can attest to the effectiveness of it for myself. Within 36 hours of depositing my first cheque, I had paid back $22,000. When you consider that my wife and I once paid $22,000 in cashmere money we had back in 1999, we were extremely impressed with how the ITC paid its Tiny Toilet of Fun feature.

It’s available on most smart phones and tablets, and thePay As You Go Plan option makes it a perfect gift.


Are you tired of the same old travel destinations when you’re on vacation? Ever wanted to visit a hot air balloon state? PursePop Navalia allows for a more interesting travel experience by including a plethora of information such as weather, historical events, pilgrimages, and restaurant recommendations in your 21 days travel guide. It’s available for both landscape and boat passengers.

And just for fun, give it a try;


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