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Changi Beach Singapore, a beautiful beach that has a cruel history in it

Singapore is known as a cutting edge country despite the fact that its region isn’t generally so huge as its adjoining country, in particular Indonesia. Despite the fact that Singapore is little, it has extremely lovely sea shores, one of which is Changi Beach. Changi Beach is a lot of visited by nearby and unfamiliar sightseers.

Changi Beach is situated in the east of Singapore. Changi Beach has a length of around 3.3 km and is one of the most loved voyages through travelers. be that as it may, there is this Changi ocean side has a long and brutal history.

During the Japanese Invasion, ethnic Chinese were tormented and slaughtered on this ocean side. in light of the horrible history, there are a few mysterious stories, where the sightseers who need to visit should have major areas of strength for an and physical.

That is a short history of Changi Beach. Despite the fact that it has a dull history, Changi ocean side is as yet swarmed with guests, particularly when the end of the week shows up.

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This Is My Thai Vietjet Booking Experience at Airpaz

Are you recently planning to do Thai VietJet booking ticket via online? If your answer is yes, then maybe this account of experience below can help you to do know better about the process and what you can expect to get. Ticket booking for Thai Vietjet airlines via Airpaz online service is available through the official website. Before you get to read the benefits and the features of Thai Vietjet airlines ticket and flight experience, you may want to read the company’s brief profile below.

What You Can Get By Booking and Purchasing Thai Vietjet Ticket via Airpaz

Thai Vietjet Air an affordable airline that provides domestic and global flight routes. This airline company is a subdiary of VietJet Air. It is based in Thailand and has its center hub located in Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International Airport. As of now, the airline operates to 4 countries with 12 destinations: Thailand in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket, Chiang Rai, and Krabi; Vietnam in Hanoi, Hai Phong, Can Tho, Ho Chi Minh, and Da Lat; Taiwan in Taichung; and India in Gaya, but it’s only available seasonally.

To book the ticket online in the company’s official website page, you can do it one day before your chosen departure time. If you prefer to book the ticket via Airpaz, then there is a more convenient option of doing Thai VietJet booking through Airpaz mobile application.

By using Airpaz mobile app to book your Thai Vietjet ticket, you would no longer require to use your computer or laptop. The app can be installed on your smartphone, so you have more flexibility when it comes to search for the ticket and obtain promo deals. The mobile app doesn’t only offer ticket booking feature, but also monitoring and managing the flight ticket that you’re already ordered – all in one simple application.

The next beneficial feature you can get by performing Thai VietJet booking via Airpaz is the price control and comparison. This feature allows you to monitor different ticket prices and match it according to your budget. You may bookmark any option you’d like to save for later, and it will be stored in the database of Airpaz.

This price-related benefit exceeds the comparison between flights and airlines. By using Airpaz, you can use currency converter feature to choose which one that allows you to pay less. The currency changes can be done quickly and easily.

Now that you have read about the benefits of Thai VietJet booking via Airpaz, let’s move to the actual feature of this airline’s flight. The list below will inform you about services provided by Thai VietJet airline:

  • Cabin Baggage

As the ticketholder of Thai VietJet Air flight, you are allowed to bring two bags that are comprised of one small bag and one carry-on luggage to the cabin. The hand luggage dimension shouldn’t exceed 56cm x 36cm x 23cm. Meanwhile, the small bag dimension depends on its type, which explained below:


  • Laptop bag: 40cm x 30cm x 10cm
  • Jacket bag: 114cm x 60cm x 10cm
  • Children bag, duty free bag, camera bag, handbag: 30cm x 20cm x 10cm


You will be charged with excess hold baggage fee if your cabin baggage measure bigger or weighs more than the measurement above. Meanwhile, for checked baggage is 32kg, the allowed maximum dimension allowed is 119cm x 119cm x 81cm, and the allowed maximum weight is 32kg.


  • Seat

The seat size of Thai Vietjet Air is 18 inch. This is the standard size, but you can also find or request from the offered range of seat selection from the airline during the Thai Vietjet Air, that are comprised of standard, extra legroom, and hot seats options. If you choose no option during the booking process, then you will be assigned to a random seat.


  • Inflight Comfort

Thai Vietjet Air provides no free snack and/or beverage during the flights. However, the airline provides menus of food and beverage that you can pre-order before the flight after you have booked your ticked. Alternatively, you can order them on board, but the availability might depend.


  • Check-in

Passengers are able to do online check-in via Thai Vietjet Air’s official website. The check-in can be done via web one day before the scheduled flight time. As an alternative, you may also check-in the check-in counters Thai Vietjet Air, 120 minutes before the scheduled flight time.

For domestic flights, Thai Vietjet Air check-in counters opens 45 minutes to 2 hours before the departure time. For international flights, Thai Vietjet Air check-in counters opens 45 minutes to 3 hours before the departure time.


  • Cancellation, Refund, and Reschedule

Unfortunately, you cannot cancel ticket and request refund of Thai Vietjet Air flight after the booking and payment processes are done. That being said, you may reschedule and re-route your flight. The rescheduling can be done by contacting Thai Vietjet Air customer service center.

If you want to ask any inquiry or request further information about Thai VietJet booking, flight service, and ticket rescheduling, you may contact their call center at +66 2 089 1909 (if you’re calling from Thailand) or +84 1900 1886 (if you’re calling from Vietnam).

I booked my flight ticket on Airpaz official website. If you want to check it out, please kindly check it here.

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My 11 Best Travel Apps

I have been working for nearly 7 years in IT. I love technology, I’m passionate about this field but how can technology help us travelers? Here is a list of my 11 absolute best travel apps.


In my opinion this is the best app in the entire app stores. It has a great design, tons of options and is simple to use. When looking for a place to stay,Airbnbis the app that will come up with the best recommendation. It is also available on other platforms ( Android , I’m testing it out on IOS) so you can use it on practically any type of phone.

It is intended for travelers, has aMilitary themed logos and icon, and is very sleek and fast. You can find it for free on the App Store , but I think you pay $9.99 to support the dev team behind it.

It also has alarms for different times of the day, and canicates a specific activities. For example, if you are traveling around Paris, the alarm will sound if you enter or exit the monument for the first time (it will not vibrate or alert you). This allows you to set different sounds for different times of day, without needing to set the phone up every time you leave the house.

It also offers tips and a leaderboard, with a clock for total 24 hours, a daily radius and a radius that is around 10km. I only paid $4.99 to gain access to the leaderboard.

It can also be used as a weather app, with real time Hurricane weather ticker, temperature, and wind speed.

It can recognize when you are in Fahrenheit and Celsius. When in Celsius, the app will show you the temperature in degrees centigrade and percentiles.

It can tell you the name of the city, the airport, and next steps you need to take, if you run into trouble. If you get to an international airport, it will also show you the name of the hotel in case you need assistance finding a place to stay.

It has great graphics and is very easy to use. There is a help file included with the application, tips every page.

It can recognize languages like English, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, and many more. It will also read the signboards of Museums, Hotels, Casinos, and even the Egypt road map, which no one else can beat.

It is for travelers like me who have places they have always wanted to visit. This app makes it much easier to plan a trip and a destination.

It is available for free, but there is a 99$ option to gain ad-free viewing


What about an app to put all my travel notes and tasks into one place? Evernote is doing just that, and it’s free for download on any smart phone or tablet. You can not only store your notes in the app, but you can also share them with other smart phones via email or SMS.

The app itself is easy to use, and its design is very easy to navigate. When you find a task you need to complete, simply tap ” Cotelson ” and it will ask you what you want to do about it. If you don’t want to do anything, just wait until it’s done.

You can share your finds with other Evernote users, and you can collaborate with them on tasks, or you can sit with a group and do turn-ins. The possibilities are endless.


ictabank is the world’s first digital savings bank, and it wants to make life a little lighter for travelers. If you deposit cash into your ITC account, you’ll earn a interest-free return on your money. Now you may not have to take out your life savings account every time you’re tempted to splurge. I can attest to the effectiveness of it for myself. Within 36 hours of depositing my first cheque, I had paid back $22,000. When you consider that my wife and I once paid $22,000 in cashmere money we had back in 1999, we were extremely impressed with how the ITC paid its Tiny Toilet of Fun feature.

It’s available on most smart phones and tablets, and thePay As You Go Plan option makes it a perfect gift.


Are you tired of the same old travel destinations when you’re on vacation? Ever wanted to visit a hot air balloon state? PursePop Navalia allows for a more interesting travel experience by including a plethora of information such as weather, historical events, pilgrimages, and restaurant recommendations in your 21 days travel guide. It’s available for both landscape and boat passengers.

And just for fun, give it a try;


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Unique, Luxury Hotel in Bolivia Built from Salt

For both sightseers and the individuals who love to travel, lodgings are a significant piece of your schedule. No big surprise when voyaging, travelers will pick a decent lodging to make the occasion more important.

Ordinarily, when voyaging we will pick a lavish lodging with an exemplary inside. Notwithstanding, imagine a scenario in which we stay in a lodging encompassed by a great many huge loads of salt.

A Bolivian hotel called Palacio de Sal, situated on the banks of salar de Uyuni, was constructed utilizing salt. Salar de Uyuni itself is the biggest salt level on the planet.

Announced by the Daily Mail, March 13, 2021, to construct the lavish inn required 1 million squares of salt. We will not discover screws or concrete. They assembled the inn with the biggest salt square utilizing brackish water, just the rest was made of wood framing.

This igloo-style inside inn highlights extravagant offices, going from a green, steam room sauna, pool and salt water shower that is normal for this inn.

It required two years to assemble the design. The squares are made of salt like blocks for the inn building. A portion of these structures even must be modified each blustery season, as water harms the design of salt squares.

The inn has a structure of in excess of 1,300 square meters and was worked by a modeler named Don Juan Quesada. The development of the Palacio de Sal started with his fantasy about building up the world’s first salt inn. At that point, why pick salt?

Salt Hotel Pioneers

Quesada utilized salt in the development of the lodging, in light of the fact that the most effortless wellspring of structures to discover there was salt. Also, making the lodging from salt implies that the fixings are all the more harmless to the ecosystem. The lodging was first underlying the mid-1990s.

Be that as it may, Palacio de Sal went through a significant remodel in 2002. As of now inns with comparative ideas are as of now present in different nations, a representative for the lodging claims that Palacio de Sal is as yet the biggest and best salt inn on the planet.’

“The entirety of our visitors were astonished by him and many might want to take a stab at licking the dividers or furniture made of salt just to ensure it’s made of salt,” said Pedro Pablo Michel Rocha, a representative for the inn.

“We can guarantee that every one of the structures in our lodging are totally unique made of salt. As the name recommends, our lodging resembles a royal residence. This lodging has an extraordinary foundation and spoils the eyes,” he added.

Not just the dividers or other inn structures, the furniture of the lodging is likewise made of salt, like tables, seats in the lounge area, pool, up to nine holes in the fairway. This lodging can oblige 48 individuals with a beginning cost of around Rp2.5 million every evening.


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Sydney’s Coolest And Most Well Known Photograph Spot 2020

Taking pictures or simply hanging is a fun action with the goal that numerous individuals who make photograph exercises as a side interest. Photograph itself is an action of catching a significant minute that is focused on the minute can be seen again and can be shared to general society through web-based social networking and others.

Indeed, even in this advanced age, there are not many individuals who produce coffers from photograph exercises. A portion of the callings that win from photograph exercises incorporate picture taker, Model, and Selebgram or Instagram VIP, which is one of the salary source got from photograph exercises.

Be that as it may, so as to create an intriguing photograph, you need to ace some essential methods of snapping a picture, likewise should be sharp to pick a cool area to be utilized as a photograph spot. One nation that is instagramable and has many cool photograph spots is Australia specifically Sydney.

Inquisitive, right, where are some cool places in Sydney that fit to fill in as a photograph spot? How about we see the introduction beneath!

1. Show House

Show House
Show House

Australia, especially Sydney, is constantly indistinguishable from a white structure with an exceptional geometry-formed design looking like a portion of the bended curves ahead. The novel engineering of this Opera house makes the white structure one of the symbol of Australia.

It is less finished on the off chance that you visit Australia without visiting the Opera house and taking pictures there. Indeed, it is a drama house that has an excellent scene either inside or outside.

The Opera house remains by the ocean so the encompassing landscape is cool and appropriate for photograph spot. No big surprise numerous sightseers are catching the minute by assuming pictures in this position.

2. Harbor Bridge

It isn’t just the drama house, and it is celebrated for its extensions that stretch over the sea. The extension is known as the Harbor Bridge, a scaffold with a solid structure form and a one of a kind plan that is cool to catch.

Harbor Bridge is a scaffold that interfaces two land that is at present still effectively utilized as an open street to pass. Whenever saw from underneath, the extension is lovely since it remains on water that makes its own tasteful for this spot.

Notwithstanding being utilized as a transportation place, the excellent Harbor Bridge is likewise justified, despite all the trouble as a photograph spot with a situation as its experience.

3. Round Quay

Visit Sydney, attempt to visit Circular Quay, a spot found north of the Sydney Central Business District. In this spot you can discover bistros and bars that are extremely comfortable to fill in as a spot to home base and unwind.

Not just hanging out, the encompassing landscape is cool to such an extent that in this spot you can see the Opera House and furthermore Harbor Bridge from a similar spot. What’s more, the perspective on Sydney’s unmistakable harbor is likewise extremely intriguing and will ruin the eyes on account of its delightful ocean.

In the event that you are visiting Circular Quay, remember to catch each minute, yes. Round Quay is one of the cool places in Sydney that appropriate as a photograph spot.

4. Hyde Park

Hyde Park
Hyde Park

Having a comfortable and lovely climate, Hyde Park turned into a nearby network game to outside voyagers to visit because of the wonderful air and landscape it offers.

Hyde Park is a recreation center in Sydney, a noteworthy park and holds the most seasoned park in Australia. Inside you can locate the stretch of grass and blossoms that are perfectly organized and captivating.

In the center zone there is a dazzling wellspring which is cool in addition to some verifiable model shows that enhance each side of this park.

On the off chance that you are visiting Hyde Park it is worth to do some photograph action since this nursery is an appropriate area to be utilized as a photograph spot.

5. The Rocks

To some degree more profound in Sydney city, you will be defied with a position of intrigue on account of the environment it offers. This zone is an old zone that has experienced modernization so some instagramable old stylish structures remain there.

Named “The Rocks”, this spot is one of the clamoring places loaded up with shops beginning from shops offering garments to nourishment. Other than visiting for strolling, taking pictures at certain points in The Rocks is additionally an intriguing thing that you should attempt in view of its stylish spot.

6. Palm Beach

Unwinding by the sea shore is a genuine meaning of excursion, if the sea shore is utilized as a spot to unwind is perfect, agreeable, and delightful or instagramable. In Sydney Australia, there is a sea shore that you should visit to fill in as a spot to unwind.

Named “Palm Beach”, notwithstanding having an excellent air, this sea shore is likewise an exceptionally wonderful white sand sea shore with a wave that isn’t excessively high. It is reasonable to be a photograph spot with your adored individuals when going to Sydney.

7. China Town

Shopping in a cool and instagramable spot is a minute you can get in Sydney, Australia. In Sydney, there is an exceptional spot as road merchants loaded up with extras and a few eateries and comfortable nourishment court that is China Town.

As the name recommends, China Town is made with a run of the mill Chinese air where each corner is indistinguishable from red with the run of the mill Chinese lamps. Notwithstanding shopping or home base, this spot is likewise reasonable as a spot to photo a cool Chinese style.


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